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V&M Precision Machining and Grinding was founded in 1946 by Bob Vedder, a local businessman who excelled in providing the global Aerospace industry with unparalleled craftsmanship of ultra high precision components and superior customer service.

Since those early days, the company was acquired by Rogers Holdings (Del and Tom Rogers) and again most recently Precision Aerospace.

V&M now forms part of the Precision Aerospace group of companies and joins Maney Aircraft as a stand-alone subsidiary of Precision Aerospace. Precision  has made numerous investments in capital and particularly experienced personnel to help nurture and grow a company which has shown tremendous potential in front of OEMs.

So much so it has earned the nick name The Rising Star of the group.

V&M is conveniently located in Brea, California in a modern 65,000 square foot facility,

is AS9100 certified and is a Certified Supplier for a  number of Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

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